and then she snapped: about me

about me

hi! i'm rachel.

welcome to my blog.

i am a mother, a wife, and a bargain shopper extraordinaire.

i love taking pictures.

i believe it is impossible to have too many shoes or handbags.

if there was an olympic event for bargain shopping i would take home the gold.

i like things tidy but i HATE to clean.

i can be hilarious, and only sometimes offensive.

i'm not sarcastic. AT ALL.

stick around, and i'm sure we'll be friends.

please, encourage my obsession with the internet by following me, or commenting on my photos...both TOTALLY make my day. 

can't get enough of me? click here to learn about the love of my life, and click here to learn about the babies that we made.


you can find me (and please do, I LOVE new friends!):
By e-mail
If all else fails I'm probably at Target.
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