and then she snapped: Samsung Google Chromebook | Review and a giveaway too!

Samsung Google Chromebook | Review and a giveaway too!

Staples asked if they could send me a Samsung Google Chromebook. (Um...YES?!) and after a lot of deliberation (or actually none at all) I accepted their offer. It's pretty sweet.

Right out of the box it'll ask you for your Gmail address (if you don't have one you can get one for free. see also: who doesn't have a Gmail address?) and then you're good to go.

Seriously it's that easy. Kind of like the easy button.  (See what I did there?)

Anything you can do on the internet you can do on this Google Chromebook.
Email? Check.
Shop? Check. (Not that I would ever do that of course).
Facebook? Duh.
Watch Breaking Bad? Check.
Word processing and spreadsheets? Yes! (With Google docs)
General web surfing? Check.

Blog? Check.

The Chromebook is pretty much a cross between a tablet and a laptop.  It's nice and petite (small AND lightweight) like a tablet, but with a keyboard like a laptop. Plus it's shiny.

Unfortunately for ME it can't replace my laptop because I can't load photoshop or lightroom on it, and I can't upload pictures to it (it's only got ~ 16GB of storage). However I COULD use it with an online photo storage/editor like photobucket or flickr. But for non-photogs I think it's the perfect laptop replacement! It would be great for students, and at $249 completely affordable. 

Staples also sent me a bunch of other goodies including a few of these MOLESKINE Legendary notebooks. And I'd love to share them with you. Who doesn't LOVE a fresh clean notebook?

What's your favorite thing to do on the internet? Leave a comment below if you want a chance to win a notebook or two and maybe even a gel pen. I'll choose a winner at random sometime this week.


Staples provide me with a Samsung/Google Chromebook and some other goodies free of charge. All opinions are (obviously) my own.


  1. Truthfully, I feel like I am reaching the end of my internets. I still look at Facebook and Pinterest and stuff, but I get bored so super quickly nowadays. Maybe I need one of those journals so I can go old school. ;)

  2. love moleskins! have one in my purse, car, by my bed and these days in my dang carry yes, I think I could use another! And how'd you get hooked up with Staples? You keep surprising me!

  3. i debated on getting a chrome book bc i needed a cheap laptop asap after i quit my job...i got a dell and i hate it. how do i get staples to hook a girl up?! ;)

  4. My favorite thing to do is keep in touch with family and friends.

  5. On the internet - Learning more about photography and sharing photos with my family, and getting lots of ideas from Pinterest about crafts/food I'll never make... Until my husband sees my Pinterest and says, "Oh, when are you making those homemade peanut butter cups?!" And then I do.

  6. Right now my favorite thing to do on the internet due to our move back to the US is browsing real estate sites. Pretty sweet of Staples to send you that shiny new toy, wouldn't mind to be asked something like that! haha
    Happy Monday xxx

  7. All roads on the internet lead to shopping for me. I once searched for information about child-rearing until I realized there are no answers.

  8. Internet = blogging and blog reading for me.

  9. I must say that I thought you were giving away a Chromebook! As I read on and realized it was a notebook I was kindof disappointed but then saw that it was from Moleskin! Love moleskin notebooks.

    My favorite thing to do is enter giveaways and read reviews. Also to freshen up my medical expertise by reading up on possible health concerns from Wikipedia.


  10. Write for my blog, read other blogs, and shop! :)

  11. My favorite thing to do using the internet is shop. I have never owned a moleskin notebook. I will have to go to my nearest Staples and buy one.


  12. My favorite thing to do on the internet is get ideas on Pinterest. I use it for recipes, card-making inspiration and decor inspiration mostly but I use it for so much!

  13. My favorite thing to do on the Internet is Pinterest. I mean, I think that is EVERYONE's favorite thing to do on the Internet.

  14. Shopping, as a busy mom doing my shopping whenever I can (even grocery delivery) is a life saver

  15. I love connecting with family and getting work done on the internet

  16. Fav thing is probably looking at blogs or facebook ;)

  17. Loving the blogs, but even more just love keeping up with friends via social media of all types. And love me some moleskines!

  18. Read blogs and watch movies are my favorites.

  19. I think my favorite thing to do on the internet is twitter. I just frikken love twitter.
    And look at shoes.
    Thats all.

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