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Rwanda Path to Peace

I was recently given the opportunity to receive a basket from Macy's Rwanda Path to Peace Collection. Of course I said yes because it's for a good cause AND I knew I'd be able to use the basket as a centerpiece item for the holidays.
The Rwanda Path to Peace is a healing journey and a source of sustainable living that utilizes the incredible skill of weaving that is passed down by generations of Rwandan women. These women have seen their neighbors and their families destroyed by genocide and ethnic cleansing, leaving many of them broken and hopeless. The sale of these one-of-a-kind baskets through Macy's provides sustainable income to the Rwandan women who create them.
These women are warriors and have found a way to restore hope and love among their communities and families with the sale of their baskets. The baskets are a symbol of strength and courage among the Rwandan women who weave them. For more info go to

The baskets are made with naturally dyed sisal sewed over bundled sweetgrass to create a distinctly beautiful pattern. They can be used as fruit baskets, as a table centerpiece (as I have used it here), as a Thanksgiving cornucopia, as a catchall for keys and mail, or even hung on the wall as art!

I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with this Rwanda Path to Peace basket for review. All opinions are (obviously) my own.


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