and then she snapped: master suite: before and after

master suite: before and after

One thing we didn't love when we bought this house was the master bedroom situation. On the main floor there were two bedrooms right next to each other. The one that was on the view side of the house didn't have a master bathroom. The other bedroom did have a walk in closet and a small bathroom attached, but it faced the street. When we made our offer we factored into our budget that we were going to have to reconfigure the two bedrooms into one huge master suite. And that's just what we did!

My cousin Hilary helped with the drawings, and we used my dad's construction background to help us figure out what would work and what wouldn't. We wanted to work with the existing window placement, and we tried to keep the plumbing as close to where it was as possible. We reused everything that we could, and craigslisted and facebooked a lot of the rest. 

The beauty about working with family is that you don't feel (as) bad changing things up mid-construction. Which we did a couple of times or twelve. Overall it ended up pretty damn sweet. Don'tcha think?

Looking at bathroom left and walk in closet right in "master":

Panoramic shot of "bedroom". You can see the two reach on closets to the left, and the sun room towards the back:

The "master" was used by previous owners as dressing room maybe?:

This was when things started getting fun:

The hallway to our master was shortened (we moved the entrance door farther out into the hallway):

This is a similar view of the before bedroom shot above. I love my dad's idea to widen the opening to the sitting room and put those cut outs on either side so that when I'm sitting in bed I can still see the view outside, (made even easier because of the NEW WINDOWS!!):

The master bath!  The shower is basically where the walk in closet was before and the "big ass toilet room" is where the small master bath was:

We purchased the double vanity with marble top, mirror, sinks, and faucets through It looks great, but if I had to do it again I probably wouldn't buy it. We've had a few problems with it and by the time we got it installed it was past 30 days and not returnable. We have no door on the shower. Less glass to clean! SCORE!

We call this the "big ass toilet room":

I'm pretty sure this is Chris' favorite part of our whole house. I bought the marble mosaic tile from a fellow blogger/instagram friend and then found the large format tile to coordinate. (The mosaic is on the floor as well):

Looking back towards the bedroom. The full length mirror on the right is from Ikea. And our walk in closet is off to the right:

The former sun room which we use as a sitting room/office:

Standing in sitting room looking back towards master bedroom and bathroom:

I know you're curious about paint colors, right? The bedroom and sitting room are Benjamin Moore | Revere Pewter. Bathroom is Benjamin Moore | Coventry Gray and the ceilings and trim are Benjamin Moore | Chantilly Lace.

If you have any questions about where I got stuff don't hesitate to ask! I LOVE this kind of stuff.


  1. AMAZING! Nice work! Love that view, too! :)

  2. LOVE that bathtub. Looks like a dream bedroom.

  3. Gorgeous! Love the tub, the sitting area and everything else too.

  4. Beautiful!!! Love the tub...and your view is amazing!!!

  5. YOURE HOUSE IS AMAZING!! So jealous!

  6. Beautiful!! I need that bath tub in my life!!

  7. Your bedroom, sitting room and bathroom are all gorgeous! Wonderful workmanship.


  8. Stunning. All you need is someone with a big ass ;)

  9. I love it ! What a great improvement and it looks like a hotel suite! Love your co ordinating grey colors! That bathtub looks amazing :) If you have time be sure to stop by my blog and enter for a chance to win some handmade gift cards. Enjoy your lovely new space.

  10. I want to live in your bathtub. I'll pay rent...I promise! Amazing!!

  11. I love your blog. This is a cool site and I wanted to post a little note to tell you, good job! Best wishes!!! marble and glass mosaic tile

  12. That turned out so dreamy! And I love your view!


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