and then she snapped: Brain Dump/House Update

Brain Dump/House Update

You guys. You guys. Remember when I used to blog like every day? I just can't seem to do it anymore. I literally have so many things that I WANT to tell you all about, that I think about during the day, but then I'd have to go dust off my big girl camera (damn you, Instagram), and UPLOAD the pics, and edit them, and watermark them, and then by that time I'd probably have a kid or two either fighting with each other or demanding my attention.

So I decided I'd just get on here and write this morning, before "anyone" gets up asking for their "hot chocolate milk".

Crap. It's too late. Please pause while I go read How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends...

Ok I'm back.

So I'm wanting to update you all on progress on the house. We bought the house two months ago, and moved in one month ago. And in that time we have done a ton of stuff, but we still aren't done. (Will we ever really be done?). Here's what we've done so far:

Replaced the sewer.
Replaced the backflow valve in the sewer.
Removed 4 HUGE rhodies and 2 HUGE fir trees in the back, a shit load of ivy, 2 medium sized rhodies and a ball shaped tree in the front, and reshaped and reseeded front lawn.
Replaced all upstairs (brass) hinges and door hardware with oil rubbed bronze.
Replaced old cracked (brass) doorbell button with a black one.
Replaced all old outlets and light switches with matching, clean, new white ones.

We took two next door to each bedrooms, and made one huge master suite with a ginormous adjacent bathroom. This will definitely get its own post once it's finished (soon...soon!) Shower tile is going in today!
Removed popcorn ceilings.
Painted (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter in the bedroom and Coventry Gray in the bathroom).
New flooring throughout.

Painted (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and Boothbay Gray).
Removed upper cabinets between kitchen and dining room.

Shortened wall separating dining room from entry way.

Painted fireplace wall (Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray)

Removed "L" section of built in desk.
Painted (Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue).

Removed popcorn ceiling.
Drywalled over wood paneling which had been painted and was peeling horribly.
New (white!) baseboard trim.
Painted (Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray).
Installed wire shelving system in her two closets.
Replaced ceiling light fixture.

Removed popcorn ceiling.
Drywalled over wood paneling which had been painted and was peeling horribly.
New (white!) baseboard trim.
Painted (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.
Removed closet bar and shelf and replaced with pine shelves for toys, etc).

This is a storage room that we call the bike shop because at one point we joked about Chris hanging out in there with his bikes.
Removed popcorn ceiling.
Removed huge built-in shelf.
Painted (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter).
Replaced ceiling light fixture.

I really do want to do a walk through of the house and show the changes with pictures. But it will have to wait until kids are back in school and things die down a bit around here you know?

In the meantime, please follow along on instagram @andthenshesnapped where you'll get to see the changes as they are happening, and also way more sunset shots than you'd ever want to see #drechseldailysunset. Kind of like this one:


  1. My goodness you have been very busy and have accomplished so much. My kitchen is being done over and we are heading into month 2 and it's still not done. :(

    I'm looking forward to seeing all of your home photos. I would follow you on twitter but for some reason I'm just not understanding it. :)


  2. wow! Can't wait for pictures!


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