and then she snapped: Insert poop joke here.

Insert poop joke here.

When we bought our new house our super awesome realtor MADE us do a sewer inspection in addition to our regular home inspection. I totally didn't want to do, thought it was a complete waste of time and money (around $200). Well guess what? She was totally right. Our house was built in 1972 and our sewer is was made out of an obsolete product called Orangeburg. Basically, its paper mache (ok technically it's layers of wood pulp and pitch pressed together), but either way it's got a life expectancy of 50 years on the high end. Well our 41 year old sewer had seen better days, was collapsing on itself, and had numerous tree roots growing into it (primarily from a way overgrown blue spruce, which I can't say I was sad to see go).

Well, I think you can see where this is going. There were poop jokes ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. for a good month over here. But now we have a brand spanking new sewer made out of NOT Orangeburg so we are good to go.

Our initial bid to do the sewer was hella-expensive and had us almost walking away from the whole deal, but in the end we were able to replace the entire sewer without having to dig up our whole yard using a technique called line bursting. And without having to dig up the street using a cure in place liner. This saved us money AND our yard. If you are local and have a shitty sewer (see?, it's so hard to resist), I highly recommend Howard at Marv's Backhoe Service (not sponsored, FYI). I also highly recommend a sewer inspection if you're buying an older home with an older sewer.


  1. Love your front yard and so glad that you had the sewer system inspected. Love the photo of Charlie. The way that he is standing while watching the workers is so darn cute.


  2. Sewage sometime out of order due to not cleaning in time and would like to appreciating here. unblocking outside drains


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