and then she snapped: demo day one

demo day one

So our new house has an amazing view. And we decided to take full advantage of it.

Before, if you were standing in the kitchen you had to duck to see the view, or your friends in the dining and living rooms.

A couple minutes later and ta-da! No more upper cabinets in the way! (We saved them to use in the laundry room when we get to that). This was seriously the BEST impact. And it was immediate. Doesn't my dad look like he's having fun?

And this is looking back into the kitchen from the dining room. I love it. We're going to open it up a little bit more so that "hole" will be the same height as the walkway into the kitchen. And hopefully, we'll get the drywall patched and repainted. ; )

While we were at it we decided that this half wall really served no purpose other than blocking the view when you enter the house (it's between the entry way and the dining room). So we made it shorter. Which was better, but then we made it shorter still. And that's the height it's going to stay. (48" if you're the curious type). I do want to remove that post on the right hand side...but we have to make sure the wall isn't going to wobble without it. If it has to stay I think we'll wrap it with some wood and trim to make it look more like a beam and less like, well, less like it looks now.

What do you think? I think the sledgehammer totally opened up the whole space.


  1. Oh awesome. Can't wait to see it all done. :)

  2. I love it!!! I can't wait to see it all done! I wanna take a sledge hammer to my house so bad!

  3. so awesome! That view is amazing..stupid pointless walls.

  4. I *love* it! My husband and I are doing our kitchen over and all of my cabinets are going to be white and the counter that we ordered is black granite. I was surprised to see that you have white cabinets and black counter top as well. Love it! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the work that you do in your new home. Keep the photos coming please. :)


  5. A little over a year ago we took out a chunk of wall between our kitchen and dining room. Such an improvement in both species. So glad we did it

  6. I love it!! I absolutely can't wait to see more :)

  7. We too are in a different house, trying to make it our own. And removing walls is something we have never been afraid of. CHanges you are doing look great!! I am pleased with ours, so, do stop by the country sometime.

  8. can we just knock that entire wall down? Or is it holding up the house and stuff :)


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