and then she snapped: Happy Mothers' Day from Target! A Giveaway!

Happy Mothers' Day from Target! A Giveaway!

This giveaway is sponsored by Target. I'm receiving a gift card for running the giveaway, and Target is supplying the prize for one deserving mom as well.

Nominations are now closed. Click here to vote for your favorite now.

Target wants to make Mothers' Day for one mom a little more special. $50 more special, to be exact!

YOU get to nominate one mom in your community who you think is deserving of a little extra something from Target! Simply email me with "Target Mom" in the subject and tell me (in 75 words or fewer) who you nominate and why this mom could really use a $50 Target gift card! THEN, next week I'll post the best nominations and you all get to vote for the winner! The winner will receive a $50 gift card from our friends at Target, AND the person who nominated the winner will get a little extra treat from ME! (Because I think we all deserve a little extra something for Mothers' Day, don't you?)

So nominate a deserving mom today, and come back next week to vote for the winner!

 I made these people, and they made me a mom.

Three generations of mothers, and the one who made me a mom first!

PS What would YOU spend $50 bucks at Target on? What if you could only spend it on yourself, not your kids?


  1. Love those pictures... you are really blessed!

    Target is my weakness. I mean that in the sense that my son will always somehow embarrass me, and I usually injure myself on something in the dollar section.

    (But I could totally use some of those cool metal sphere thingies that they have... so I'd brave the epic embarrassment to go again :)

  2. This is awesome! I would buy shoes! I need shoes or jewelry!

  3. Love that photo of all you ladies!!


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