and then she snapped: spring fever

spring fever

It was 48 degrees and sunny on Sunday so we did what every other person in the 253 did that day. We went to the park. How about you? Do you jump at the chance to pretend it's almost spring?

Oh and we topped it all off with burgers on the grill!


  1. Love the bench shots!!

    I am waiting for it to hit something close to 48 here... come on Spring!

  2. Ugh, I'm so ready for Spring it's not even funny. I can't wait to be able to grill!
    Jillian - PS, if you have a moment, I'd love to invite you to check out the giveaway for a $50.00 giftcard to Shabby Apple!

  3. "they" are telling us these temps are coming for the weekend....with some sun! Another 24 hours of snow to get through and then...fingers crossed!

  4. We are so ready for spring here!! This past week has been especially hard-gray, more snow, & just blah! We can't wait to get outside in warmer weather too!

  5. Oh goodness - was it not a gorgeous week or what?!?! I was shocked at the weather, and my horse was happy for some dry riding!

    Great shots... I love the playground happiness!


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