and then she snapped: charlie is three (and then some)

charlie is three (and then some)

I figure if I'm not yet a month overdue then I'm still a good blogger mom, right? I'm just remembering the days when I used to have my kids birthday posts all scheduled, complete with annual slideshow PRIOR to their birthday so on the actual day I could have it automatically post. I do not know who that person is anymore. It is certainly not me. Now I have this whole entire LIST of things I need to do, I WANT to do and I can't seem to make any headway on it.

So here is me crossing one tiny thing off that list:

Way back on the 28th of January Charlie Pete turned THREE! We started off birthday WEEKEND with donuts at Legendary donuts. (Pao's is still number one in my book).

(Happy Birthday to me shirt was $2.97 at Old Navy, so he wore it all weekend).
Then we headed to the Childrens' "Mu-zoo-men" of Tacoma. Grace and Chris enjoyed posing (per usual). Camden and Charlie ran around like crazy people played.

Next we went to Wendy's for lunch and Charlie drank ketchup. Because duh. (Check instagram for pics of that extraordinary event). And then we topped it off with dinner at Blazing Onion. Because why ruin a perfectly good meal with anything other than french fries and ketchup?

On his actual birthday, a Monday, we met friends at none other than McDonald's for a roaring good time. Grace and Camden got to come too, because there was no school that day for some reason that escapes me now. The lighting inside McDonald's was atrocious. So black and white makes it look more like I know how to use my camera.

We rounded out the birthday weekend with cake and candles. And the birthday boy learning how to show three fingers. And still wearing the Happy Birthday to Me clearance shirt. (Which has now been retired). Who's turning three next? I'll send it your way!

Happy Birthday, Little Man! I love you to the moon and back!

I promise I will try to pay more attention to this blog, but just in case, make sure you follow me on instagram @andthenshesnapped so you don't miss a thing.

Charlie's Birthday Post. Done!


  1. I think my level of excitement, when I saw this post pop up in my feed, officially qualifies me as a creeper. I miss your blog! It was one of the first I ever read.

    Anyhoo, Charlie is adorable and your whole family is lovely. My daughters will be 3 in May and I am already panicking about the birthday party, and the fact that my daughters will be THREE!

  2. Jackson turns 2 next month and I NEED this shirt! It's so cute!! Where from?!

    Glad y'all had a great time celebrating...hard to believe he's three!

  3. Aww I love following you on instagram! Fun stuff kiddos do! Drinking ketchup will be a memorable one ;-) I totally hear you on the lame light at Mcdonalds. If you ever see black and white it's probably because it's just too funky to even try to make it pretty and well, black and white just does so much more justice! Happy Birthday to the little man!!

  4. Hey, my daughter turned 6 in DECEMBER and I still haven't blogged it =O Eeek!
    Looks like a great birthday weekend! (my 3 year old says "Newsmeum" lol)

  5. Happy 3!!! My son turned nine days before yours! They're almost "twins"!!!

  6. I felt a little stalker like when I got really excited to see your post. I bet your glad you live a few time zones away from this nutz-o.

    Charlie is so special they close school!

    Wow! How did you keep that shirt so clean?!?! It would have been unreadable promptly after the first bite of donut with Miss Eva. I think that mini bottles of ketchup with a straw should be on every menu, right Charlie?

  7. I totally agree that Pao's is the best, but the mini donuts with creme are delish of you want something a lil fancier.

    PS Love the shirt!


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