and then she snapped: top 5 posts of 2012

top 5 posts of 2012

So sorry I haven't blogged in over two weeks. My baby got his tonsils out and it has SUCKED way worse than I thought it would. they top five most viewed posts during 2012 (according to google analytics). Apparently I should be a DIY or decorating blogger.






What's your favorite post from last year. What can I keep you entertained with in 2013?


  1. I love your DIY projects! Sorry to hear your little one is still recovering! Hope he's 100% (and you - get caught up etc) soon!!

  2. I didn't blog much last year, and what I did post was kinda boring. Just a project 365 prepping for what I've got planned this year. Ask me again in 2014.

    I love those Adirondack chairs. I can see why the photo is popular.

  3. I love how you decorated your bedroom. It is an amazing transformation!!! It was lovely to read your blog :)


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