and then she snapped: show off your shot-Santa edition

show off your shot-Santa edition

It's Santa! I KNOW him!

I literally had to DRAG Grace and Camden to see Santa. And bribe them with Red Robin. When Camden whined asked, "but WHY do we have to go see Santa" I finally just pulled my mom card.

Because I'm the mom and I say so.

We got to the mall, the line was short (maybe 10 minutes?), we paid our Santa "rental" fee of $20 and I got what I wanted. Followed by a teriyaki chicken burger. YUM.

And doesn't Charlie look like a little angel? Seriously! He is doing his best listening ever! And his little crossed hands. Oh, it just kills me! THIS is what Santa is all about.

I'd LOVE to see YOUR Santa pictures, so link those up this week if you have them. If not, you know anything goes around here...

Won't you join me and show off your's easy!
Simply share any photo of your choosing this week. Link up (your blog post or flickr photo), and visit some of the other show offs as well!

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and then, she {snapped}


  1. I like your shots so much better than the official one on your mantel where Santa looks like he's having some kind of issue he needs to tend to...

  2. My post isn't very merry - sorry to spoil the mood. I love these shots. And your little guy's look of wonder is what it's all about!

  3. Your santa picture is much cuter then ours! Love the listening poses

  4. That's awesome! You can just rent Santa and his grotto for photos??

  5. These are so sweet! I posted Santa last Monday. :)

  6. Can you believe I was able to get my grown up girls to sit on Santas lap when they were 20 years old? ALOT ALOT of begging went into this. I was told very loudly...this is the last time:) Keep up the good work of making this memory.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  7. Such sweet shots! I hope one day my boys will actually smile at Santa rather than scream, haha! :)

  8. Love these! He is so cute! & I love playing the mom card!

  9. SOOO CUTE! and Camden looks EXACTLY like Chris...

  10. Way cute. All three of them, even the nay sayers ;)

  11. adorable shots! hope you're enjoying the season with those littles!

  12. hi rachel:
    my thumbnail isn't showing in your linky but it says that it already exists in the collection... have i done something incorrectly that it's not linking right?


  13. Charlie looks so angelic - love that last shot!


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