and then she snapped: we're not in t-town anymore

we're not in t-town anymore

I've been hearing about downpours, and flooding, and hail back home. (You know, the usual stuff). Which makes spending Thanksgiving week in sunny San Diego with Chris' folks just that much sweeter. Yesterday we visited Legoland, today we met up with an online friend turned real life friend and her kiddos for lunch at the Wave House (and I may have even persuaded her to snap our Christmas card pic), and tomorrow is breakfast at the Mission followed by shopping for the girls and touring the Midway for the boys.  Surprisingly, this vacation has gone slowly so far...which hardly EVER happens, especially since we are having so much fun! Our condo is literally ON THE FREAKING OCEAN. I apologize if you've been following me on instagram, as I have been bragging all over the place over there about being on vacation. And not at home in the pouring rain. As Grace would say, "sorry not sorry".

linking up with Heidi (we miss you Heidi!)


  1. I miss you too, sweet friends! We need to talk about vacationing in San Diego together in the future. Oh yeah, that's happening, people.

  2. So glad you're having a good time, you deserve it!

  3. Looks like you are having a wonderful time! I love getting glimpses of families that are good together - that include others in their fun, but are also so good together when it's just them. Nice shot too, btw!

  4. If you get the chance...also grab breakfast at the Hash wont regret it :)


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