and then she snapped: the Christmas card that almost was

the Christmas card that almost was

This is NOT our Christmas card this year. But it almost was. I had this idea that I wanted to make happen while we were in San Diego, and THEN when we were able to meet up with a friend who ALSO KNOWS HOW TO WORK HER CAMERA (!!!) I knew it could work. So my old facebook/new IRL friend Melissa snapped these for me, but then Chris vetoed the idea because he "looked fat". His words, not mine. To be fair, his outfit + the wind = a big block of a man, but then Heidi suggested I try picmonkey, and their nip/tuck action. It just sucked his little block body right in. (However, it also sort of sucked in the waves behind him which really bugs me, which is why it is NOT our Christmas card this year). I still really liked the idea of it, so I'm sharing it here. Also, I feel like we should all know about picmonkey (Oh, everybody else already knew about it??, fine). 

If I did my googling and html-ing right, you should see Chris' "block" body when you hover your over the picture. If not, well, I tried. Really, I did.

So this is was going to be the front of our card:

And this, the back (get it? because that's our backs?):

PS Do you know how long I browsed fonts until I found that one on the Christmas card that wasn't even? Seriously, I have issues. Apparently.

entering the paper mama's christmas card challenge


  1. I could totally fix the waves issue if you wanted :) a little cloning would have them fixed in no time!

  2. Yes! I agree with Jenn! Cloning would be easy money on that shiz. And I know you tried, but I don't see fat Chris when I hover. And I need to see fat Chris.

  3. If someone can fix the waves for you, you should most definitely use this as your card. Both pictures are great!

  4. Well, it would have been a lovely card. :)

  5. Can I tell you how much i LOVE this as your christmas should use it!!! Your husband does NOT look fat. The whole family looks great.

  6. I think he looks good without having to edit anything. People getting the card know he's not fat lol. For heavens' sake your entire family is long and lean. I love this idea :)

  7. very cute! Girl, send me that original. I will totally fix it for you!

  8. haha..i think it's funny HE thought he looked fat. i think its a great shot!

  9. My husband probably would have said the same thing! Lol
    Clone the waves and use the's great!


  10. I love the photo for a Christmas card. No way that your husband looks fat. You all look wonderful. Love the font that you used. It is a Christmas card font for sure. And I love what you wrote about the back of the card. You have a great sense of humor. :)

    Mary sense of humor Rachel.

  11. Beautiful photo and card (should be!). I didn't even notice the waves until you said something and then I had to look!! I love picmonkey!!

  12. i love reading your posts... you have such a great sense of humor! it's difficult to imagine him as "fat", truly!

    it is a lovely picture! and i love the font, too-totally worth the time!



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