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show off your shot

While we were in San Diego last week (oh how I miss San Diego already) we spent a day at Legoland. We had never been to Legoland, or Disneyland, or really any big (expensive) place like that, so it was fun to take the kids. Charlie and Camden loved it. I would say it is definitely say it is geared to the under 10 age group. But the rest of us enjoyed ourselves enough. It did, however, cost us close to $400 to go, and to eat mediocre food, and to buy Charlie a new t-shirt after he puked on his. (FYI do not play belly guitar on your toddler after he chugs an entire juicebox, Chris). We had a discount coupon from a friend (from the Lego magazine) which saved us about $50 on admission so that was helpful. So before you head out make sure you get yourself one of those. 

Here's my photo dump from Legoland!

Won't you join me and show off your's easy!
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  1. Oh how my boy would have LOVED lego land...probably still would! Maybe there's a trip with some future grand kids that might happen! We lived about a 45 minute train ride from disneyland in Paris...and (thank goodness) knew tons of people who worked there - or we'd be broke. It really is a huge chunk of change to hang out in these places!! I think what they can build out of legos is just amazing (and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!)

  2. Yeah. ZERO desire to ever step foot in that place.

  3. We went to the new Legoland in Florida a few weeks back...AWESOME!

  4. Great shots! I had an idea Lego Land was expensive but WOW, that is crazy. Glad you enjoyed it though. Have a great week.

  5. My kids would love Legoland! My wallet would not, lol. That's about how much our theme parks cost in Australia too, ridiculous :/
    Great photos!

  6. I enjoyed all of your photos. It looks as though all of your family had a great time.

    I tried to add my photo to your linky but was not able to.

    Here is the url that I am using.

    Hope I was doing it correctly. :)


  7. wonderful series....looks like everyone was having fun!


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