and then she snapped: Lice lice baby

Lice lice baby

Been having a hellish day. I hope tomorrow is a million times better.


  1. oh dear, I'm sorrowful for you. Hope it is better, too. :(

  2. oh god....last month we had a lice scare. good luck.

  3. Oh god! so sorry! Nora's class had SEVERAL lice outbreaks last year! I don't know how we escaped it. But I became obsessed with her hair. Good luck! It too shall pass!

  4. oh I had a really good anti lice treatment.. not the regular teatree oil either.. what about this:

    Good luck.
    Put all the stuffed animals in a garbage bag for two weeks. (then throw out as many as you can get away with.
    Comb comb comb! that hair! Get it as short as possible.


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