and then she snapped: friday!


It has been gorgeous this week. And by gorgeous, I mean not raining. So I took my big girl camera outside. Because I never do that anymore! And by the way, Charlie took "Cow-y" everywhere we went today. Which is odd, because Cow-y normally doesn't get any attention whatsoever. Kids are weird.

I'm posting every day this month for NaBloPoMo!


  1. You do nice work with that big girl camera! (and kids are weird!)

  2. That's so fun! I love when BB [temporarily] gets attached to something like that. Right now it's the green plush dodo bird you gave us! It's in the car so it's been his car cuddle buddy for a couple weeks :)

  3. He is getting so grown up!!

  4. Great shot. My little one does the same weird things... sometimes she has 5 little lovelies with her and the next day none.


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