and then she snapped: scenes from the weekend. so far.

scenes from the weekend. so far.

We've been busy around here the past 24 hours or so. Last night we went to skate night with Camden's NEW school (you know, the one that he LOVES?). Camden and his classmates rollerskatedbladed like it was 1985 and Charlie played video games (and I use the term played VERY loosely) like it's going out of style.

This morning Charlie and Chris made "big breakfast" and then we cheered Camden's soccer team on in their first game of the season. Unfortunately, not to victory, but these boys are much improved over last season!

(It may appear as though Grace is nowhere to be found, which is partly true. She babysat last night AND this morning and made close to a hundred GO GRACE!)

Tonight we get to get all dressed up and celebrate milestone birthdays for Chris' mom and dad. The big seven-oh five-oh or so! I spent numerous hours last week putting together a slideshow to view tonight at the party and can I just say that the next time I try and do such a thing I definitely know how NOT to do it.

Enjoy your weekend friends! Take lots of pictures!


  1. Love these pictures! Especially the one of Charlie at the arcade with the toy gun. Such a boy picture!!

  2. i love the picture of charlie making breakfast. too cute!

  3. These might be my favorite Drechsel pictures of the year. Love Camden skating - great shot. Love Charlie and the vids. My kids always thought those gun video games were for putting gas in the car video games. Those were the days...
    Also love Charlie cooking. If the kid won't sleep he'd damn well better make you breakfast!


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