and then she snapped: mimi and the girls

mimi and the girls

What's up friends?

I have been a sucky blogger lately. And I'm working on it. I had e-v-e-r-y intention of posting a delicious recipe yesterday for chicken marsala but then, well, shit happens, you know? I am feeling slightly depressed, or maybe just stressed? I'm not sure. I think I need to be taking more photos. (my poor Nikon is gathering dust). But then at the same time I dread taking photos. Maybe I need some new equipment. Or maybe I just need to obsess over some new equipment for a few days and then NOT buy it.

Yes, that sounds like the perfect solution. I think I'm going to go shop for a new Nikon D600.

grace, claire, mimi, and samantha
(at mimi's birthday celebration a couple of weeks ago)

linking up with my friend Heidi


  1. Hey! Have you heard that the D600 is full frame yet compact enough for lady hands?! Love you, friend. Hang in there.

  2. I think there is a serious case of Fall blogging ennui going around. I know I have it too.

  3. All of the women in your family are beautiful. awesome photo of them. i hope your able to get the Nikon D600. :)


  4. Me too, with Twitter and Instagram (forget Pinterest!). And I was doing such a great job, too, before I decided to conk out. I don't know what happened... :-|

  5. What a great shot. I blame our iPhones for dust on cameras...


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