and then she snapped: you can thank me later

you can thank me later

I can't get this song out of my head, so I thought it was only fair for you to have it floating around in your head too.

You're welcome.

And now I know you want to go buy your own copy so you can listen to it on repeat: WANT U BACK

Also, no, I am not 13, why do you ask?



  1. Oh good! I like it too... I pretend to only listen to it because my 4yo likes it, but really... ;)

  2. Me and my 2 sisters have been listening to this song on repeat for the past 3 weeks My parents hate it but we can't get it out of our heads!

  3. Oh thanks, like I don't get enough songs stuck in my head as it is!

  4. Dude, seriously. This song makes me happy. I have been randomly singing "Remember all the things that you and I did furst?" for a week.

  5. Such a catchy tune... now it's stuck in my head too!

  6. Yo!And even at my age I like this song. I need to get it dowloaded on my playlist. :)


  7. I like that, and the "Give your heart a break" one.

    Once a teenybopper, always a teenybopper.

  8. I loved Cher Lloyd on XFactor and am so glad she is getting somewhere!! :) Love this song :)


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