and then she snapped: "pockles" in black and white. and a new lens!

"pockles" in black and white. and a new lens!

I've been looking for a faster (read wider aperture) lens and today I got a screaming deal (totally stole that phrase from my friend SuLee). I got a Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 and I got it off Craigslist. It's got a decent range, and a maximum aperture of 2.8 whether I'm at 28mm OR I'm at 75mm! I think this will be a great "walking around" lens, (whatever that means). And did I mention I got it for half retail? Seriously, folks, I only paid $250 bucks for this lens. And it is seriously like new. It looks brand new. It works perfectly. I love Craigslist.

What is YOUR "go to" lens? The one that's on your camera most of the time? I'd love to hear, so leave your answer in the comments.


  1. I just bought that exact lens about 2 months ago and love it, you get 2.8 every single time you want it - what a treat!

    One thing is sometimes it doesn't know where to focus (like in a macro situation) so you'll hear the AF motor kind of running and I wonder if that'll wear it out quicker. So when it starts to do that, I'll try to go with manual. Just something to listen for.

    Enjoy your new lens - whee!

  2. I love black and white photos. I use it alot (especially to make myself look good - ha!). This shot just totally captures Summer, I think.

    And, congrats on the acquisition of a new and awesome lens!

  3. I have nothing to say to the lens question. Unless you'd like me to go into detail about my fave "lens" on Hipstamatic. ;)

    I love that Charlie calls popsicles pockles. My gals call them pock-a-suls, which makes me giggle every time. It also often makes me think of Charlie.

  4. Sounds like you gt a geat deal with your new lens. It will make a fanatstic walk around lens. Love this photo of Charlie. He is so cute.


  5. What a deal!! I bet you were so excited. That lens has been on my wish list for a long time. Happy shooting.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! You just picked up my dream walkaround lens... wowza!!!

    I got my 50/1.4 off Craigslist and the guy at Kits thought I was crazy. Until he clicked it. Booya.



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