and then she snapped: missing camden

missing camden

Camden has been away at camp since Friday and is coming home today! We can't wait to see him and his laundry and find out how much fun he's been having!



  1. Just fell upon your site somehow. I was at Brian Kings and perhaps I saw a link there? Oh well, I'm here and loving your work.

    Most of all I love your blog name. That is me with out a camera. I've been known to have a short fuse. Clenched jaw but, short fuse.

    Join me? I am rushing off right now to join you! If Jacqueline or Vivienne come by - snatch them - they are worth it!

  2. Awww, what great looking wee guys! Congratulations on the laundry?

    I see Renae has made a prior announcement; she told me I'd love this blog and she was SO right! I'm in awe of those with a flair for great camera work. Looking forward to reading, and seeing, more. =)

  3. Aw, I bet they miss him a lot! Maybe so much they'll do his laundry? ;o)


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