and then she snapped: how to paint an old picnic table

how to paint an old picnic table

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Remember how sometimes I like to pretend I'm a DIY blogger? (Because I am so dang cheap, not because I am so dang crafty). Well we have this old wood picnic table (that we store on the side of our house) that we use maybe once a year when we have a big outdoor barbecue. This year as our annual barbecue approached I decided I didn't want to use this nasty old thing. So, I painted it!

First, I borrowed my aunt's sander and sanded the top of the table and benches. If I was going to be professional I would have sanded the whole thing. But, I'm a slacker, so, you know.

I think this is after I sanded. But I'm also not a professional DIY blogger, so I can't be sure.

Then I hosed it down really good, to get all the yucky dusty stuff off.

Then I started priming. I always use KILZ brand indoor/outdoor primer. Because I bought a gallon a long time ago and it still hasn't run out. I used a small roller for the tops, thinking that would be easier, but I switched to a brush for the rest and I think the brush was just as easy.

The fun part? Picking out paint colors! I wanted a buttery yellow, so I chose Summer Heat (it's an Ace brand color). I bought a quart of semi-gloss exterior latex.

I did one good coat, and very little touch up. I think I may go back and do another full coat later, but it was hot out, and I wanted to be sure it dried well enough in time for our party.

I really love how the color turned out. It's a little more ivory and a little less yellow than I expected. But I like it!

Doesn't it look great with the adirondack chairs I painted last year?

48ish hours later we put it to good use:

TDC Before and After


  1. Pretty! And MOTIVATIONAL! I found a bookshelf at the town dump swap tent that needs a good clean up/fix up!! Maybe this weekend!

  2. Lovely. I really like the colour.

    In other, news, though, this is how I know we would get along:

    "I always use KILZ brand indoor/outdoor primer. Because I bought a gallon a long time ago and it still hasn't run out."

    Hahaha. You and I are the same animal when it comes to things like this.

  3. Looks great! Love your patio, and that party shot looks magical!!

  4. Great job! I would've thought you were a professional crafter ;o) Seriously, though, love the color paint you chose!

  5. Love the colour; brilliantly summery!

  6. That turned out great! Looks like a brand new table.

  7. I love the color! I think you did a fanatastic job on your DIY table project. Your famiy sitting around the table is very pretty.


  8. Awesome. I still want one of those picnic tables and i do love the color.

  9. Love the color of the table and the adirondack chairs! Bookmarking this post for future reference. Thank you!

  10. That looks I'm guessing with the paint as a barrier, your less likly to get splinters in your butt. ;)

  11. Wow, that looks great! I would have never thought to repaint a picnic table! I'll have to remember this for next summer.


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