and then she snapped: how to edit bathtub photos in Lightroom

how to edit bathtub photos in Lightroom

I'm posting over on Paper Heart Camera today and I wanted to share with you all too!

How many of us love to take photos of our kids in the bathtub only to have them come out looking yellow and nasty and depressing? I know it's not just me. Most of the time the problem is that your white balance is off (unless you have a ton of amazing natural light in your bathroom, which, well, I'm not so lucky). Fortunately it is a super easy fix in post processing! (PS, I know there is always the option to get your white balance correct in camera, but then what fun would this post be?)

The white balance tool is super easy to use. See that little eyedropper thingie? Click on it. Next, click on something in your photo that is supposed to be white, black, or grey. (I clicked on a part of the bathtub). And voila! Like magic your photo isn't yellowish anymore!

See? Before: (Ew! Ick!)

And after! Ta-da!

And since I'm showing you one of my favorite Lightroom tools I thought I might as well show you my other favorite tool...the straighten tool. Seriously. I love it. To use it you just click on the little level icon and then you click along a line in your photo that you want to be either horizontal or vertical. In this photo I "drew" along the edge of the bathtub. Lightroom will then "straighten" your photo and put the crop box around it (because when you straighten you end up losing a part of the edge of your photo), so you can then drag the corners of the crop box to make it smaller (like I did here) and then when you like what you see just hit enter to accept your straighten and crop! This is my favorite tool because I actually think it is really fun to do. I am a total nerd, I know.


  1. Oh how I needed this post! I just took about 100 pictures of the kiddos in the tub and was very disheartened to see them all yellow and dingy after the fact. Off to scrub them up!

  2. Great tip, I need to get on the Lightroom train.

  3. Those are the two tools I use more often then not! Great tip to share. :)


  4. You are my favorite kinda nerd!

  5. I have been wondering for months how to do this. Wish I was lying. Thanks for sharing!


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