and then she snapped: weekend roundup

weekend roundup

So I couldn't think of a less cheesy blog post title, so weekend roundup it will be. In the Pacific Northwest, summer doesn't start until AFTER the 4th of July. And this year has been no exception. Although it hasn't rained (too much) the past couple of days so I'll let it go. Oh, and also? This might be the longest post ever. And for that I am (not really) sorry.

Friday evening my friends Ingrid and Heidi and their families came over for dinner. We all went to highschool together so it was a mini-reunion. But not really. It was mostly just fun.

 The kids picnicked.

 And stood by the fence so I could take their picture.

 Charlie misunderstood when the race started.

 Grace caught this one of Ingrid, me and Heidi.

 Story LOVED Camden.

 AJ and her nasty blankie.

 Annabelle and her magic hair.

The boys got a deal on matching haircuts. This was Camden's first time with a buzz cut!

Saturday night we went to the Tacoma Twilight Criterion to watch our cousin race. And he won! So that was awesome.

Serious spectating.

Tula cheering her daddy to victory!

Grace rocking the red skinnies.

Chris' favorite child bike.

The last time I photographed this little miss she made the exact same expression.
It's got to be her signature look.

Brand new baby Mirka.

Ben riding hard.

The finish line!

After the race we headed up to Whidbey Island and had lots of fun. Crabs were caught and eaten. Hot tubs were soaked in, and forts were built.

Oh! Camden got his haircut! Short!


I don't know what there birds were after, but they were hanging out there for a while.




Green snot and crocs.

Hanging out in the fort.

Charlie and Papa discussing the mysterious disappearance of Papa's butt.


  1. Love love love. Looks like a super weekend. I know WE had fun with you all on Friday! Oh, and my butt appears to have turned into a saggy, old man situation, do you think it could be Papa's?

  2. love camden's hair. love that funny pouting baby who looks like winston churchill.
    do NOT love the green snot... EW!

  3. Great finish line shot. Love this post - so full of family and friends and adventure. The close up of Camden might be one of my all time favorite shots of yours (and that's saying something!) He's sunkissed and happy and - well, it's just gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for sharing your photos from this weekend. It was so much fun to see all of you having a good time. I *love* the green crocks. They are very cool.Your Charlie is stylin.


  5. Ahhh, you girls are so cute! Love the pic of the three of ya. Looks like ya'll can have some fun! Great snaps.

  6. P/S Hey girl... I saw this & had to share w/ you.

  7. Great shots. Wish I could rock red skinnies like that!

  8. Great pictures...looks like a lot of fun. Love that second picture and the one with the subtitle digging. Happy 4th of July. Great job with the race!


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