and then she snapped: sick day

sick day

It's been a busy week around here. Chris was gone all week. Grace was gone MOST of the week. Charlie got a big boy bed. Camden had two sleepovers. Charlie spent all of yesterday and most of today with gastro issues (if you know what I mean) and as a result has a super turbo sore bottom. I cancelled TWO girls' nights in, and one playdate with friends. I got my desk mostly cleaned off. I watched Season Two of Downton Abbey. I finished reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. And now? Chris is home. Grace is home. Charlie is napping in his big boy bed. And I'm holed up in my room with my laptop. For just a little while.

Happy Friday friends!


  1. BLOG LOVE!!! Adore your cute guy...and I'm waiting for season two of Downton Abbey to hit netflix streaming! AND I'd really like one of your straps...any chance you'd make me one from a sunflower print material??!! Now that you've cleared out...if you're making new ones, I'll wait and pay full price for a "custom" strap! Just sayin!

  2. Sounds like you had a busy week. How exciting that Charlie got his big boy bed. Look at those beautiful blue yes, all 3 of your children are beautiful.

    As for Downtown Abbey I did not see the fist season . I have wanted to see both seasons. Is there a difference between the Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey Season 1 and 2 and the UK version or are they the same?. Once I know for sure I will be ordering both seasons. Enjoy your show tonight.


  3. Aww. Sweet photo. Hope everyone is all better.


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