and then she snapped: monday


Summer has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest and we have been spending it well. As in, we've been to four pools in four days! All of my kids are total fish. They LOVE the water, which is weird since I really don't. At all. When I was a little kid I'd take baths with my younger cousin and brother and they would splash me and I would cry. I still pretty much have the same reaction.

We've got a busy week this week! Starting with VBS and ending with me going to EVO! I'm so excited to have some "me" time. (Four whole days of "me" time, can you imagine?) Are you going? I'd love to meet you! And if not, I'll be updating on instagram (@andthenshesnapped) and facebook of course.


  1. Happy summer has found you! Happy for you that you get some grown up away time this week! ...mostly just love that photo!!

  2. What a stunning shot. I just love your photos Rachel!

  3. That shot is so amazing; definitely a keeper! You need to hang that on your wall :o)


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