and then she snapped: Ho Hey.

Ho Hey.

So I had a credit at amazon mp3 the other day, and was browsing the site for something new to buy and amazon told me I might like The Lumineers. OMG, Amazon was so right! The entire album is awesome. And today it's only $4.99, which is only slightly more than a latte, so go buy it. You'll love it. Because if you don't, well, I don't know, there may be something wrong with you and you might need to get that checked out.



  1. ❤ it! I've been making my summer 2012 playlist all week and this is exactly what was missing :) thanks!

  2. Done!! You will love the Edward Sharpe and TMZ's new song "Man on Fire".

  3. Already love that song - will have to check out the rest of the album now.

  4. love it! i will definitely add it to my list of music to download and tell everyone about!


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