and then she snapped: evo 2012

evo 2012

I'm on my first ever big girl trip. I flew ALL BY MYSELF to Salt Lake City, UT. I rented a car all by myself and drove to Park City. I met my roommate, who I met on facebook, and who is not a psycho (thank God!) and have been having a great time with some wonderful women (and even a very few men!) at the EVO 2012 Conference! I've met some friends who I had only "known" via twitter or facebook and it really is fun to meet the real person behind the avatar. The Canyons Resort is really beautiful, and today I got to ride up in gondola to a hands-on photography workshop led by Tracey Clark, of Shutter Sisters fame!

I just wanted to drop in here for a quick minute to share some photos I took during the workshop.

If you're new to And Then She Snapped after meeting me at EVO, thanks so much for stopping by!

Oh, I'm also contributing over at Paper Heart Camera today and giving away one of my camera straps, so head on over!



  1. yay you!! Photos are great! And I'm so glad you're having a great time.

  2. Looks and sounds like you are having an amazing time. It's super fun meeting blog friends in real life. :)

  3. Fabulous pictures. I'm so impressed. I bugged out of the photowalk because I didn't think I could handle the heat plus the altitude.

  4. I enjoyed looking at your images. Especially the bottles and chairs - love all the repetitive pattern. The car dashboard is fantastic too!

  5. Lovely shots. You drove all on your own too? All kinds of awesome.


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