and then she snapped: thursday


It is June 7th. And it is POURING. There is something so wrong about that. So while you all have hit summer time, here in Tacoma we can't even take our kids to the park to get rid of some of that pent up energy. So my friend Heidi and I did what no self-respecting parents would do and took our kids to the McDonald's play land. At 9:30 in the morning. There may or may not have been a sausage McMuffin and a one dollar (any size!) coffee involved. I'll never tell.

Also, it's so dark (and dreary) outside that it's ridiculously dark INSIDE the house and the actual HEATER came on because it was so dang cold this morning. Did I mention that it is JUNE? I have SOUP in the CROCKPOT, people! It's ridiculous.

Also also? Pretzels for lunch today. Don't judge.


  1. I'm in the Tac-tizzle rain too. Sucky.

  2. Pretzels for lunch? I can't decide if that's better or worse than goldfish for breakfast. Not that I know anything about that at all.
    That last rain squall was freaky bad! Cripes.

  3. i know...i'm sitting here in my boots, scarf and winter wear with a heating blanket on.

  4. it's also POURING rain here in Florida... no park or beach yet! :/ and the picture is just so cute!

  5. Dude, I am so glad we got out of the house today; both girls took naps like champs. Also, cheetos and string cheese for lunch, so you know I ain't judging.

  6. Soup in the crockpot sounds delicious though.

  7. When I finished reading your post, the first thing in my mind was ... "I totally understand!"

  8. WHAT do you have against pretzels? Are they not pretzelly enough for your pretzel club? *pretzel pretzel*
    (lol- stolen from Masters of Disguisey movie)

    I think you are doing great! Everything in moderation including moderation, so if you hit Maccy D's once in a very blue moon, it won't kill ya, but it might keep ya from losing it on your kid. The safer of two options, I'd say.

    We had storms the other day, but will probably get yours in a few days (but not Sunday- cuz that's our church picnic)

  9. No judging here girlfriend. I remember all to well what it was like raising children and the dreary days! The reason we finally moved to Florida.
    Laurie @ Pride In Photos


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