and then she snapped: my morning

my morning

Think being a stay at home mom is glamorous? Think again:

How was your morning?


  1. Is that what boys do when they get older? My son is only a year, but when he's upset he can get a little crazy!
    Hope your day got better!

    Mine wasn't very eventful, just school.. exams.. & more school

  2. Ummm, I'm guessing he wanted to go THAT way??? :)

  3. We had the exact same car ride this morning. So this working mom called in sick and is playing stay at home mom for the day.

  4. Thankfully today went much better than yesterday but wow... yikes.. I don't think you would have wanted to have heard his screams yesterday! It was one of those days!!! >.< And then my laundry pile. hahaha. Yeah about that...

  5. where was he wanting to go?? lol

  6. I have a feeling he knows a shortcut...


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