and then she snapped: happy friday, friends!

happy friday, friends!

This is how all the kids are riding skateboards these days. (Not really, but it's cute, right?)

We've got a busy weekend planned, starting off tonight with a BBQ with friends, then the Tacoma Twilight Criterium, and rounding out with a trip to Whidbey Island (hoping to meet up with Stasha while we're there). What have you all got going on this week? Any big plans for the 4th of July? It's weird that it's on a Wednesday, isn't it?


  1. oh is it that I can tell he's concentrating even from this angle!??! We've got a lot of nothing planned...lazy weekend, quiet day off. No travel til mid-month and then, in August, to OREGON!!!!

  2. im bbqing with friends...hopefully on the patio and not indoors!

    such a cute pic!

  3. He's quite the daredevil! ..and I have to work on the 4th since it's mid week. BOOOO!

  4. You gotta love the kids these days! They are a little crazy! Love the photo, makes me a little nervous, but love it ;o)


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