and then she snapped: first day of summer vacation

first day of summer vacation

Busy first Monday of summer break. And no, it wasn't summer-like weather. Stupid Pacific Northwest. Started off with my first of three "small area laser hair removal" sessions, I bought as a groupon-type deal. I did my underarms and HOLEY SHEET that hurt. And also smelled like burning hair which I guess makes sense, but I wasn't expecting. Then we went to my friend Kristalyn's to help her stuff envelopes with brochures and gum. Home for lunch and a nap (well, one of us took a nap), then Camden had a dentist appointment to get his LAST CAVITY EVER IN HIS WHOLE LIFE filled. I threw together a dinner of salmon, potatoes, and caesar salad for dinner. With homemade kalamata olive bread croutons...dude, they were delicious. Watched a little Umizoomi with Charlie and noticed he felt warm. Yep. 101.7. I swear, I don't even need a thermometer, just need my mom hand. Gave the little man some Ibuprofen and sent him to bed, hoping he's good as new tomorrow.


  1. What else can your mom hand do? Stop sass with a single point? Change a poopy diaper with a wave of a palm? Because I need some of that magic over here, yo.

    Feel better CP!

  2. Happy summer break!!! Get well soon, Charlie!!!!

  3. I'm gonna second the "stupid Pacific Northwest"! So done with the rain. I can always tell a fever too. The other night we were at dinner, and I pressed my lips to my little one's forehead. I knew right away: fever. My oldest daughter thought I was crazy, but I knew. Mamas just know these things. Hope Mr. Charlie feels better soon!

  4. Hope charlie is ok today. Cute shot.

  5. Awww hope everyone feels better, and is a cooler temp soon!


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