and then she snapped: who knew?

who knew?

...who knew that bubbles were so stinking hard for a two year old to master? seriously.

also? I got a new lens!! I think I love it for outdoor photography, probably not in low light too much. it's a big ol' zoom (55-300!!) it's got VR, which (I think) makes the lens vibrate slightly when I take a picture. unless mine isn't working? (maybe somebody can chime in if you know otherwise).

it's this one here. if you're curious.

also, for Mothers' Day my family is taking me away for the weekend. We don't have any specific plans really, except I told the kids all I want for my special day is no fighting with each other and everybody doing exactly what I say, when I say it. That, and a brand new washer dryer which is about to get delivered! Which kinda makes me wonder, have I completely sold out if I am excited about appliances as gifts?

I wish all you mothers out there in blog land a super Mothers' Day as well...and may you be blessed with perfect angelic children. (ha! who are we kidding?)

this random post brought to you by my third caffienated beverage of the day.


  1. PS. I haven't notice any vibration and I just asked my hubby and he hasn't notice that either! :O

  2. I like his hair cut! I think VR is for vibration reduction which is supposed to help your photos be less blurry - due to less vibration. #tryingtosoundsmart

  3. Cute post. You should have some fun with that lens; how exciting! I hope you have an awesome fight-free trip away for Mother's Day!

  4. Sounds like your gonba have an awesome mothers day! I'm jealous of your new lens I want a zoom lens so bad!

  5. My little guy cant get a hang of the bubbles either. He ends up licking the stick every time. And for mother's day, I am buying myself a new hairdryer. It is the little things, right?!

  6. Did you have that big old hurkin' thing at the game today? I was too busy watching our girl hit line drives to third base. Or as Gavin would the gap! Happy Mother's Day friend! I wished for the same things you did about your children. May all our wishes come true! xoxo


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