and then she snapped: seriously? part 2

seriously? part 2

Thursday afternoon I spent as a laundry whore. Meaning I did ALL the laundry. Washed, dried, folded.

Right about the time I was pretty much all done one of my darling children informed me that she (or he) needed hers (or his) dark jeans washed. For tomorrow, of course.

Where might those particular jeans be?, you might ask...

On her/his floor. Of course. 

So take note: Around here apparently clean clothes go in the dirty laundry, and dirty clothes go on our respective bedroom floors.(Or sometimes shoved in dresser drawers).

I know you'll all come visit me in the loony bin. Right?


  1. I have the same problem, but with my fiance!!!

  2. That's why they all did/do their own son since he was 10 (no joke...he asked!) and my daughter since she was about 13. My husband? Since he decided he had things to say about HOW I did his laundry... Every once in a while, as a treat I do it for someone ~ but not very often!

  3. Seriously Rachel - you so make laugh ♥ Thank you *lol*

  4. Oh flippn GOSH. I want to murder laundry.

    I'll meet ya for a nice board game in the cafeteria. Isn't that what all the crazies do at the crazy hospital? Lol)

  5. I feel for you. All I can say is 'sorry.' You'll have company in the looney bin, I'll be there with you.

  6. After the day I had I might be already there welcoming you.

  7. My mom made us do our own laundry as teenagers, and I'm pretty sure this is the exact reason. I was okay with it, except when I had to fight a sibling for the washer and dryer. In my dream house everyone will have their own walk-in closets with their own washers and dryers. But that dream also includes a maid.

  8. Just found you through SITS girls and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I will absolutely join you in the loony bin that laundering seems to send me to. I've been sifting through some posts and love your humor and honesty. I'll be following along for sure.

    Have a great night.


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