and then she snapped: road trip!

road trip!

Not mine. I don't road trip. But Clare and Sean are more than halfway to their destination! They left Tacoma, WA on Tuesday morning and are now in Albuquerque, NM! I literally had to look at a map when she was texting me updates as to what state they were in. I am so geographically challenged...Anyway 2400ish miles seems like is a LOT. I wonder if they have run out of things to talk about?

If we are facebook friends then you may have already seen these (sorry!), but if not, these are photos from my sister's going away parties. (yes, plural).

 me and clare

 grace and clare

 mom and grandparents and clare and the fam

 cousin aylie and clare

 girl cousins!

 camden and charlie at the tiki party

 charlie got leid and ate ritz crackers

 boob grab

 dad, nephew, spaz camden

 lars, me, clare, dad

clare and camden


  1. so glad you finally google mapped us! long drive but more than halfway to McAllen! WOO!

  2. Well those are two very good reason to give away one of your camar straps. Ha-ha. I enjoyed looking at all of your family photos. You have a beautiful family.



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