and then she snapped: morning


I entered the Epiphanie Camera Bags + Photo Card Boutique Picture It photo contest! because I hope to one day have my very own Epiphanie Camera Bag. I really hope it is one day SOON.


  1. LOVE this shot. Jax has taken over my ipod. He's much better on it than me anyhow.

    So glad you entered this contest... cause so did I!! UG. LOVE those bags.)

  2. YES! I want to own one desperately. I am going to enter - but If I don't win - I hope you do.

  3. Gorgeous shot of him in the morning light! Love it!

  4. Really awesome camera site. I really like your photography and they way you integrate blogging with it. I like blogging because I can integrate my blogging with my music.

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  5. Beautiful shot! I may have to enter this contest myself!


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