and then she snapped: what camden said

what camden said

We were at lunch today when Camden asked if Charlie was born from a C-section (yes) or if he and Grace were (no). Then he asked how babies were born if they weren't born from a C-section.

He said, "oh, I know, you just have to push really really hard"
"well, yes" I replied,
"...until your stomach bursts open!" he said

"um, we'll talk about it later", I said.


  1. Hahah oh Lordy good luck with that one!

  2. How funny!!!! I recently had my 3rd child. When my husband brought #1 and #2 to the hospital to see the baby my oldest son (6) asked: "How did the baby get out of your tummy Mommy?" At 7:00AM I wasn't prepared to answer that question!

  3. Haha that's a conversation for Dad, right?!

  4. Haha! I'm glad that I haven't had to answer that yet. ;) I think living on a farm helps. :D

  5. I sort of wish it happened that way. I think I rather have my stomach explode - LOL ;o)

  6. Hilarious! At least your husband didn't do what mine did and tell your kids that babies were born by saying "knock knock".

    Guess who will have to undo THAT one???


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