and then she snapped: vacation Palm Springs: instagram photos

vacation Palm Springs: instagram photos

Remember how I used to take tons of pictures with my big girl camera? Then remember when I got an iPhone? Yeah, that.

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linking up my week in iPhone pics with my friend, Amy


  1. You took a lot of pics this week! And yay for Palm Springs, Love itthere!! We go there every July for 4th of July / hubs birthday - when it's a mere 120 degrees.

  2. I think I've started to take more pics with my iphone than with my dslr! LOL :) It's just so much less to lug around!

  3. Gotta love instagram! your pics are so candid and you have a gorgeous little family!

  4. I love instagram! I love how it can make even the most everyday things, like Target, look amazing. Fun!


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