and then she snapped: tips for travelling with a two year old. and other such wiseness.

tips for travelling with a two year old. and other such wiseness.

oh hey people! greetings from sunny palm springs. I would share a current shot of my weather app, but if you follow me on instagram (@andthenshesnapped) you are probably quite sick of my "vacation" photos anyway. I'm sure you can figure it out (PS it's NOT raining).

Charlie did great on the plane, thanks to two things. 1) snacks and 2) his "new games" (aka iphone). OK, three things, he was also buckled into his carseat the entire time, which meant he was, STUCK. As a public service to you I thought I would share with you, my adoring readers, some "lessons learned" on this particular trip:
  1. Applesauce does not make the TSA guys happy when you try and bring it through security (apparently it counts as a liquid). 
  2. Don't try and stream Curious George videos across the airline's wi-fi (it's REALLY slow), better idea is to download shows onto your device beforehand (which we plan to do before the return trip)
  3. Don't apologize before the flight even starts to the old bitty in the seat ahead of you for your toddler's (probable) kicking during the flight. The hag bitched us out afterwards, saying "I know you apologized earlier, but this flight was MISERABLE, and I'm on VACATION". Seriously, that happened. What she expected us to do about it? Especially AFTER THE FACT? I have no idea.
And now for your enjoyment, a photo of said toddler eating pretzel #3,428:

And a gratuitous shot from the air (Also, if I'm honest I have no idea what gratuitous means):


  1. I can't believe she actually said that to you! I'm actually going to be traveling with my 21 month old very soon. I am preparing now for the plane ride. Thank God it's only 3 hours.

  2. oh my! I wouldn't have known what to say. Some people!

    Have a great time!

  3. I wish you had taken a picture of the bitty. I'm trying to imagine her. Unbelievable!

  4. I've been flying with my older daughter since she was four months (our new itty bitty hasn't experienced the pleasure yet) and the comments we have gotten! Oh, my! I will never forget how peeved one lady was when we were in first class- she actually said children had no place being there.
    Good thing, though, that most people are quite sweet to little kids.
    Also good thing that I'm a big mouth who (I should be ashamed to say this, but I'm not) always has a sharp and snappy comeback to such people.

  5. Ha ha. Love your lessons learned. How rude about that lady.

  6. I'm still terrified of flying with our 2 year old twin boys. Maybe one day. I can't believe she said that!!! Even before I had kids and got annoyed I would NEVER say anything. What a beeeootch!

  7. Wow! What a story! Do people not know what kids are like? A little sympathy please! Oh well. Smile and move on. And hope for a nicer person next time! Found your blog and LOVE it!



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