and then she snapped: show off your shot

show off your shot

This is going up a little bit later than normal, but I have a great excuse.

the short version:
Chris broke his pelvis. He'll be fine, but it was a long day.

the long version:
Chris went to a bike race yesterday up in Sequim, and at the last 3 (out of 36) miles somebody in the pack braked and caused 8 or 9 racers to crash. Chris being one of them. (don't you worry though, his bike is fine). He got some road rash, and was pretty bruised up, but finished the race, and drove the 2 hours home. (I should mention he was with his friend, and fellow lunatic biker, Benner, who also crashed, so he wasn't alone). Last night he took some ibuprofen, and went to bed. He was complaining mostly of groin pain, so we assumed it was probably a pulled muscle or something. In the morning he decided that it hurt pretty darn bad, so we went to get some x-rays taken just to be on the safe side. Neither one of us thought that the x-ray would actually show a break, especially since he could walk on it. But after almost 3 hours and an x-ray at urgent care they said there was a fracture in the inferior pubic (hehe) ramus and we needed to go to the ER since they weren't equipped at urgent care as to what to do next. So, we headed to the ER where surprisingly the wait was not bad (apparently all the crazies were there the night before for St Patrick's Day and the place was pretty empty on a Sunday afternoon). The doctor there looked at the x-rays, and then ordered a CT scan, which confirmed the fracture, as well as identified a second fracture also on his pelvis, but on the part near his lower back/upper butt. Both fractures are "non-displaced" so surgery is not required (thank GOD!), and he is expected to make a full recovery. He came home (6 hours after we left this morning) with some crutches (or crunches as Camden calls them), and an order to "take it easy", including specific orders to not get back on a bike anytime soon. THIS is going to be the hard part, and the part that is going to make both of us cranky. When Chris doesn't ride his bike nobody is happy.

Anyway, the good news? I think we probably met our annual deductible today!
the bad news? we switched to a high deductible plan this year.

Enjoy these pre-race, pre-crash photos of the boys coloring. And don't even tell me you don't climb on top of the table when you're coloring...

Won't you join me and show off your's easy!
1) Pick your favorite shot of the week, or one that you otherwise feel like "showing off".
2) Show it off!

That's it!
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and then, she {snapped}


  1. I'm so glad he is mostly okay!! Love the coloring pictures- that's totally how my daughter colors!

  2. Eeek... that sounds painful. What a day.

  3. Oh could have been worse, it could have been better! Love the shot of the both boys colouring!

  4. Ummm... YIKES!!

    Glad he'll heal. And that he doesn't need surgery. And that it wasn't a whole lot worse!

  5. I always lay on the table to color. Is that not normal?


    Hope your husband heals quickly!!!

  6. Just found your blog and I love this link up! I'll try to get in before its down. I have added your button to my "Link" page for all to see.

  7. Sorry about the pelvis...and the future crankiness...threaten to take lots of pics of him to post if he doesn't behave himself. Just love the on the table, on the tummy coloring! My kids loved coloring with their dad...he sat still way longer than I did and stayed in the lines...

  8. that doesn't sound pleasant...hoping there is a quick recovery!

  9. Oh my word!!! So sorry to hear that! Praying for a super quick recovery.

  10. phew! It's good to hear the bike is okay! haha. That must have been scary, I would've freaked out, but thankfully he's okay.

    And everyone who's cool colors on top of the table. Tell you're little one he's part of the cool kids. :)

  11. Ohhhh what shocking news about the pelvis... Ouchy indeed !!
    We both had a busy weekend then it seems... I went out for dinner a number of times to celebrate our mothers day. a great weekend in fact.
    Loving the shot of your kiddies colouring, cute.
    Jennie at

  12. OMG...I can't believe that he was able to finish the race, and then drove all of the way home! (but, seriously; inferior pubic ramus...haha, what a name...and I'm betting Chris isn't using it to describe the affected area :D) Hope he gets better, soon, and that the off the bike time isn't too traumatic for any of you!

  13. Holy cow--I hope your hubby is on the mend and able to get back on the bike again soon!

  14. Wow, sounds painful! Hope he heals quickly!! Cute group coloring shots!!

  15. Oh man! Poor Chris and poor you! Praying he heals quickly.

  16. Sending thoughts for a quick and speedy recovery! So glad no surgery is required. I love the moment you captured in that shot and of course tabletop coloring is must :o)! Thank you for sharing and for hosting this link up.

  17. Youchawauzza! (yes. I so just said that) Hope he's feeling better soon!

    We all like to lay on top of our table when coloring. Is that weird?


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