and then she snapped: Mini Living Room Makeover #FreshAccents

Mini Living Room Makeover #FreshAccents

Since we enjoyed another gorgeous "spring" day yesterday I decided it was time to freshen up my family room and make it a little more spring like. Seriously. This was our morning:

My task was simple, head to my neighborhood Safeway where I would shop for Renuzit Fresh Accents Air Fresheners, and armed with a $50 budget, freshen up my living room for spring. Click here to see the photos from my shopping trip.

(Side note: I misunderstood the assignment and thought I needed to spend my entire budget at Safeway, it wasn't until AFTER I shopped that I realized this was not the case, but I totally made it work anyway, showing how you can definitely freshen a room at a grocery store)!

Look how pretty this little Fresh Accents Air Freshener is? It totally blends in with my spring decor. And it smells good too!  And how's this for spring? A pretty glass container filled with fresh lemons!

Simple, clean, fresh.

I also bought two pretty orchids. The thing I like about orchids (as opposed to other potted plants) is that they are really easy to care for. Water it a little bit every week. Or two. For real! Even I can do that. (PS Don't tell my mom, but she is getting an orchid for her birthday this week!)

I arranged the orchids on the mantel with a vintage glass bottle, and a couple of pretty candle holders. I purposefully kept this arrangement monochromatic, I like how the green leaves really stand out!

I couldn't decorate for spring without a bunch (or five) of daffodils! I love them best before they've opened up. Then when they do actually open it's like a bonus! Yay!

Visit Renuzit:
Facebook-Gorgeous Man (I have your attention now, don't I?)

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias However, all opinions are (obviously) my own.
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  1. I love the classic looks - lemons, orchids and simple, clean mantle. I can't believe the snow you are getting but it's nice you can bring some of those fresh colors inside. Don't worry... spring is coming.

  2. Wow...snow?? It's hard to believe that the first day of spring is next week. Those orchids look great and I think that even I could take care of them!

  3. Way to go...dumb dumb. :)
    Looks awesome!

  4. ahhh I'm so jealous that your house is clean...

  5. Wow, the place looks really neat and your room accents really works well with the over-all theme.

  6. I love the jars that you put the apples and lemons in. Where did you get those?!

  7. Love that you made your shopping trip work for you. I love using natural elements in a home for decor.

  8. Wow...methinks you guys had crappier weather than we did, for once! Lovely to spend the day spring decorating, though...looks wonderful!

  9. I love your's so crisp and classic! (do kids actually live in your house?)

    I just saw daffodils yesterday and should have grabbed a bunch. You've convinced me to go back!

  10. I really like your style...and the mantle is just perfect. Reminds me that I don't need a lot on mine to have it look great.

  11. I love using fruits in my decor! Especially Lemons! It looks beautiful, clean and simple :-)

  12. So tired of this wet gloomy weather we've been having.

    Your home is beautiful.

  13. ridiculous right? ... let's get a little vitamin D please.

  14. Love the lemons in a jar! Great idea. Everything looks wonderful. :)

    Ginger @


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