and then she snapped: it's tuesday somewhere

it's tuesday somewhere

There was some serious building going on around here today when our friend Sam came to play for a bit while his mom had an appointment or something.

Charlie used to call our friend "ham" which was pretty darn cute. I'm kinda sad that he says "Sam" correctly now. It reminds me of when Camden stopped saying "hostible" (instead of "hospital"). When he started saying it the right way I even tried to correct him into saying hostible, but he wouldn't go for it. I know it sounds cliche but they really do grow up way too fast.

Also, Sam can come and play anytime he wants, he gave me a hug and told me I was pretty, what a little charmer.

What did you do today? Did you get to spend it with TWO charming young men?


  1. YES it is.
    It's Tuesday HERE...
    (in New Zealand)

  2. Hahaha, that is so cute with the kiddo language! Happy Tuesday.

  3. Oh my goodness.
    Such cuties! : )
    It's still Tuesday here in Pennsylvania. A very nice Tuesday!

  4. Ham... that is cute. What a sweet little guy handing out hugs and compliments!

  5. Don't you just love it when they use that creativity & it keeps them going for forever. How fun!

  6. Two charming, not-to-mention LOUD, young men!

  7. And thanks for the bs. That's "babysitting", not the part where we had coffee and chatted. But thanks for that too.

  8. Moments such as these are worthy of treasuring, aren't they?


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