and then she snapped: tuesday


So I had a migraine last night, and started my period this morning (sorry to the one guy who reads this, wait, IS there one guy who reads this?). My headache is not gone, but is a little better after two doses of Imitrex. I have to take my car in this morning and wait with it, because it's been telling me I have "low oil level" for the past two weeks though I do not, in fact, have "low oil level" (Lord help me if it takes longer than an hour as that is about as long as Charlie or I can handle, even with wi-fi). I also have a bunch of taxes I need to get started on today, so hopefully my headache will be gone and my baby will take a nice LOOOOOONNNGGG nap this afternoon.

In other (good!) news I got my ticket to Evo Conference yesterday! It's in Park City, Utah, in July (what can I say, I like to plan ahead)! and if any of you are going let me know, I'd love to meet you! If you're not going you totally SHOULD go, it looks really fun! I'm trying to convince Heidi to come!

Charlie just fell and got a bloody lip, which WE all know is NOT a big deal. Could somebody please let Camden know? He's crying more than Charlie is. He is so protective of his baby brother I'm pretty sure he thinks we need to go immediately to the ER. Oh, and did I mention my head hurts?


  1. Argg I get migraines to. YUCK! Hope your son takes a long nap and your migraine is long gone by then so you can enjoy the day.

  2. I hope your migraine is gone and you get to do everything on your list!
    I got the lovely camera strap cover today and it looks really amazing! Thank you so much! xxx

  3. migraines SUCK Mine come with changes in the weather (weather head), and I treat it with a wonderful product from England: Migraleve, and bedrest.

    haul out the roy orbison shades and hang in there. lots of fresh celery and cucumber (I prefer English- wait is that a theme?)

    big hugs.

  4. Love your blog! Just started blogging and following you! Nothing worse then a period and a headache.

  5. Oh my, Camden seems to be so sensitive and super sweet! (Ok, maybe not now when you have a headache!)

  6. Oh crap - those waits in the car places are the worst. And with a horrible headache... I hope you got out of there fast.

  7. Sounds like an awful past couple days :( You little man sure is cute :)
    You story of the bloody lip makes me giggle. We just had our youngest in for vaccines and our 3 year old cried more than she did. She even shut her eyes and turned away. I love that they have such tender hearts :)


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