and then she snapped: today I will be productive.

today I will be productive.

Yesterday I updated my facebook status to say that I needed a wife. Somebody who would fold all the clothes that Charlie "helped" with (which, by the way, are STILL all over my bedroom floor), somebody to make dinner, clean the kitchen, and drive kids around. Needless to say I didn't get any offers, and today I need someone to do all that stuff and then some. I need to figure out when I'm going to get my crown done, choose Charlie's two year old photo from the (not very exciting) studio pics I had done last week, do more taxes, pay some bills, and all the while try not to scream at my kids.


  1. Sigh. My fingers are crossed for your productivity. If it gets too bad, invent a reason to go to target ;-)

  2. I need a wife, too! Someone to run around and pick up after me.

  3. :) you're too funny, except it's not really because it's stuff that really needs to get done and overwhelming and no one helps.. ok I think I began venting there a little about myself. ooops.
    I hear ya though. I wish I could get a wife too, or better yet a family that picked up after themselves. I love them anyway. :)
    Hoping you get the productivity you want. happy thursday!

  4. Yeah there really is something to that whole Sister Wife concept... I would settle for a live in nanny/housekeeper who also was my best friend, we could leave out the sleeping with my husband part ;)

  5. I feel the same way all of the time. If only we all could have a wife! :) or maybe, a nanny would do! yeah, right. Well, hope your day is productive and GOOD! I'm really trying to be optimistic today and making myself have a good day!

    btw...i love reading your blog, i don't always comment all of the time.


  6. Oh! I need like 5 wives! Looks like someone is changing there religion. Hello Utah! Hehee.


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