and then she snapped: International Delight Iced Coffee

International Delight Iced Coffee

I recently had the opportunity to sample International Delight's new #IcedCoffee and I have to tell you this stuff is GOOD. Like I could easily become addicted kind of good.

CP and I headed to Walmart to purchase the beverage, and of course I took pictures while we were there. Click here if you'd like to check them out.

Then I threw a little party to share the stuff with a few friends. I decided that Charlie's birthday party would be the perfect opportunity, so while the kids stuffed their faces with donuts and apple juice (and completely trashed my house), the adults (and Grace) sampled the original flavor of International Delight Iced Coffee. As the package says, it is "sweet and creamy". I like a little coffee with my sugar, and this fit the bill just perfectly. This new drink also comes in vanilla and mocha, but unfortunately my Walmart was out of stock of those flavors, so we just tried the "original", which actually tastes a little bit vanilla-y and a little bit mocha-y.

All you do is pour it over ice and enjoy it. Have you ever had an espresso float? (A scoop of vanilla ice cream with a shot of coffee over it)? That's what this International Delight Iced Coffee tastes like to me.

Grace and Hilary tried it. And liked it!

Steph and Scott thought it was hilarious.

Then Scott proceeded to chug the rest of his. No really, we all liked it.

The Iced Coffee is exclusively at Walmart right now, and costs under $4.00. Seriously, for the cost of ONE iced coffee at a coffee shop you can get this whole carton and serve all your friends. I would definitely buy this again, especially during the warmer months.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias. All opinions are (obviously) my own.


  1. Walmart OHHH I guess I shall be checking it cause your family sure has made me want some iced coffee right now! YUMO :)

  2. Great shots! That sure does look delicious!

  3. Gotta love ice coffee that requires you to pour out an dadd ice!

  4. Yummers. I will have to give this a try!

  5. Is there any left for tomorrow?

  6. I love this fact as soon as I hit "publish your comment" I am going to go get another glass of it!

  7. I love this stuff! The Mocha is my fave! Yum!

  8. interesting! is it only available at walmart? also, grace and hil look so serious!

  9. My family loves the International Delight creamers so was no surprise that the Iced Coffee was also a hit!

  10. He really chugged it? Man, that would have made me feel bad. It is yummy but pretty rich stuff. Under 4$ I guess you can afford to let him chug though, lol.

  11. Looks like everyone loved the ID iced coffee!



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