and then she snapped: Friday!


Yay! It's Friday! And it's SUPERBOWL weekend! Which is awesome...because we are going to a SUPERBOWL party! Where our hosts have assured me we don't actually have to watch football. Which is good, because I don't even know (or care) which teams are playing, nor do I know (or care) anything about the game itself.

This is Camden playing BASKETBALL, which I do pretty much understand, but which for some reason I always refer to as SOCCER, every single time, despite the big ugly shoes that obviously have basketball written all over them.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. At your fabulous party you can cheer for the New England Patriots!! {or not} I'll just pretend that you are and tat will make me happy! I'm hosting...actually going to chocolate dip strawberries and decorate them to look like footballs. AND cheer fo the Pats! My son's two sports through highschool were soccer and basketball - Soccer only in college {which is nice - more fresh air!} Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Ha... thank goodness someone else feels the same way about football as me. Seriously all my girlfriends love it. It drives me nuts! Have a wonderful weekend pretty lady!

  3. You sound like me. I'm going to a Super Bowl Party too and I have no idea who's playing. I don't get it. Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh man I love football.... going to games, parties, food. But I could care less about the actual game part. Just pick a team and cheer.... eat, eat, eat!

  5. Love that basketball shot - is that Camden up in the air? Wow!!

    We hosted a Super Bowl party a few years ago, and I had one tv room set up for the guys and another tv room for the girls so that the girls didn't have to watch the game if they didn't want to! It was a hit!! Enjoy your party!!


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