and then she snapped: #febphotoaday


I did it! I embarked on the #febphotoaday challenge, with millions (?) of other instagramers (follow me on instagram @andthenshesnapped), and I FINISHED! The list is put together by @fatmumslim, and each day of the month there is a new prompt (see the last square in my collage for the february listing). I found it to be MUCH easier than my project 365, because a) it's only for a month (and yes I did choose the shortest month to play along), and b) they are just camera uploading, editing, posting, it's all instantaneous. I might even do it again another month. Maybe.
Also, I couldn't find ANY collage templates with 30 squares, so I made my own. If you want to download this free template I made to share your own #febphotoaday collage please click here to do so! (It's a psd file). And make sure you let me know if you like it, or leave me a link to your collage!

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  1. I'm going to try to finish in March! Really really try!

  2. High-5 mama! LOVE instgram, but I don't have an iphone, just an ipod w/out a camera. That all equals to me not instagraming. Booo.

  3. I just stepped into the 21st century and got and iphone and I am loving it. And I am loving this idea. Link it up!

  4. look atthat cute belly button in that photo!

  5. Love these - the food... the cider. Oh I want some grown-up cider. Charlie belly button. Your February looks awesome!

    I don't think I could eer take a photo a day - I loose my phone too much. :)

  6. Great job!!! I just started the March one! Hope I can stay with it!

  7. Great job completing this! We got sick around the 7th and I lost track! I started the March one today!! Those shots are great!

  8. Rachel, thanks so much for sharing.

    I have been doing the Febphotoaday too. I didn't take all my pics with my phone. Actually most are with my camera as I want to work on getting better pictures with my camera.

    Also, thanks for the template. I was going to make one for myself, but I am hoping yours will turn out just dandy.

    Looking forward to March's challenge...


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