and then she snapped: Rage Against the Rodent Day 2

Rage Against the Rodent Day 2

When I last left you I was headed to bed Monday night, somewhat comfortable knowing that our newly weatherstripped door to the garage was going to protect us from any more rodent invasions. At least I could fall asleep!

Well I woke up severely disappointed. Chris had heard something during the night (thankfully I didn't), and when he went downstairs to investigate he thought he heard something coming from behind our built-in cabinets in the family room.

In the morning, there were more droppings in the kitchen and dining room. And get this...the damn rat ATE A FRICKING BANANA. (Or part of it). Chris and I felt so defeated. Where was the damn thing coming from? How was it getting in??!! You know how they say life's biggest stressors include marriage, divorce, birth, death, and moving? Well I'm here to tell you that having rodents IN YOUR HOUSE is at the tippy top of that list. I felt sick to my stomach, and extremely exhausted, only there was no way I was going to take a rest for fear of something attacking me!

I begged Chris to work from home that day so I did not freak the hell out as not to leave me alone with who knew what. And he agreed.

As we combed the house with a fine toothed comb, looking for possible entry points I saw this near the fireplace (which just so happens to be in the built-in cabinet Chris thought he had heard noises coming from):

I was immediately suspicious, because as you know I JUST painted this grate a few weeks ago, and it shouldn't be DIRTY like this! So I opened the grate to see what was behind it:

I don't know about you, but those totally look like some kind of big ass rat prints to me. And then this sealed the deal:

(Just ignore the dust)...That is one great big gaping hole for the gas line to fit through. Plenty of room for a big fat rat to climb through if he happened to be anywhere in the walls. Chris found the place where the gas line came out in the garage and sure enough there was a nice sized gap around that as well. So he shoved some steel wool around the smaller gap (in the garage), but inside we had a bigger hole to deal with.

Chris got all McGyver-y on that hole though and ended up with this:

Just in case you can't tell what THAT is, Chris started with two layers of metal mesh stuff (like what he is going to use to repair the foundation screens). Then he shoved some steel wool in there real tight right around the actual gas line. He tried to glue the screen to the sheet metal, but it was really hard to maneuver inside this small space, so he ended up using expanding foam and spray-foamed the hell out of it. Spray foam by itself doesn't work because rodents can chew right through it. But they can't chew through the metal screen, or the steel wool, so we used the spray foam more as a "glue" to hold it in place. (A note about the spray foam though, we've learned that it can be combustible above temperatures higher than 240 degrees. This is below the fireplace, so it does get warm, although we're not sure HOW warm. Chris doesn't want to take any chances though, so he plans to cut out the spray foam and use some other kind of adhesive this weekend).

Chris went to a punk rock show that night, so I let Camden sleep in my bed AGAIN, and while I felt better that we had hopefully figured out and blocked the entry point, I was not as comfortable as I could have been and had a hard time going to sleep...I kept thinking I heard rodent like sounds. (It didn't help that we had a HUGE wind and rain storm going on at the time).

In the morning, we checked around the house. No droppings! YAY! No half eaten bananas! YAY! But even better? One dead rat caught in a trap in the garage. See ya never, sucker! We still have some areas in the garage and to the crawl space that we need to patch to keep the critters out of those areas, but I think we feel much better about any rodents being able to get INSIDE of our house. Because that is just WRONG.

But in one final "screw you" move before he met his very timely death...our speakers don't work anymore. Chris went to investigate why, and grabbed the speaker wire only to have it fall loosely into his hand. So that rat bastard chewed right through it before he went to eat some peanut butter and get his neck snapped just like that. I don't even feel bad for him.


  1. Holly crap - that evil creature! Eating your bananas even. Die rat die!

  2. Oh. My. Word. I feel your pain. You will be paranoid for a little while. Sorry.

  3. I can sympathize with you 100%. We had North Tacoma rat love when we first moved into our house. As I think about it right now my nose scrunches up and I feel like I need to swear more. They put you in such a bad mood with their wormy little tails.
    I hope you called Lind. They're awesome. We've been on the yearly maintenance plan since our first incident. Peace of mind.
    As for a weapon, my husband has an old 9 iron that he keeps under the bed. Just be very thankful you never had to battle the rat. His 9 iron has a few notches in it. Ugh. I feel like I need to go shower.

  4. I totally love the play by play. I had a couple of mice last year and it was terrible. I had a hard time sleeping too because I kept thinking I was hearing things. Ick, ick, ick!

  5. Oh, no! The banana and the speaker wire!?! That really stinks. Hopefully, he was the only one or if there are more they are caught very soon!!

  6. oh, no. they can be destructive little things! funny part is i wrote on virtually the SAME THING, with a little different twist...
    first time visitor... love your banner! linking to your last linkup party...

  7. My rat story is such a long one. How do I make it short?

    We had chickens out in the country. Rats love chickens but they love warm houses even more.

    I made a papier mache model of the seven hills of Rome for Latin class. I was kept awake hearing noises in the night, and in the morning, my hills of Rome model ON MY OTHER TWIN BED in my room was chewed upon. OMG a million times over.

    My parents didn't quite get it, but shortly after the "hearing the chewing" I entered my new bathroom which was in the construction phase and encountered my friend Mr. Rat. Every rat picture you can imagine is what he looked like. Standing there on his hind feet, caught in the light, he was saying, "Oh, Shoot." You can imagine what I was saying. It wasn't "shoot."

    My dad got rid of him; I know not how. And then we finished the walls and I never saw a rat again.

    Can you imagine sleeping knowing that a RAT was on the OTHER twin bed in your room gnawing on your project?

    I don't think I've ever gotten over the trauma.

    I hope you have a happy ending to your rat story. In THIS house, I've sealed all my external entries with steel wool. :)

  8. Dude TOTALLY got what he deserved.

  9. I hope you got rid of them for good! I can't believe he ate your speaker wire!

  10. You killed a rat??!!? {good for you :)}

  11. ack.. skin crawling here too.. bleck

  12. ZOMG!! way to nail that hope y'all can figure all of this out so it doesn't get worse!! ack!! i couldn't handle it girl!!

  13. ZOMG!! way to nail that hope y'all can figure all of this out so it doesn't get worse!! ack!! i couldn't handle it girl!!


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