and then she snapped: how to make a simple envelope pillow cover

how to make a simple envelope pillow cover

When we were snowed in the other week I decided to finally get around to finishing a little project a started before Christmas and that was recovering my family room throw pillows. You see they used to be red, but I was going for a blue theme. It's TOTALLY easy to make an envelope pillow case. You don't have to know how to do a button hole, or put in a zipper, or anything else difficult like that. ALL you have to be able to do is sew a semi-straight line. And trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.

Cut your fabric in a rectangle shape. If you are making a cover for a 20" pillow your width should be 20 + 1 (for seam allowance)=21"and your length should be (20x2) + 3 (for your envelope "overlap")=43"

Next take your fabric and fold it over (right side in and overlap the pieces approximately 3 inches. (I didn't not hem the ends of this since it doesn't fray. If your fabric requires it you can finish the two short ends of your rectangle before proceeding).


Now sew both sides as shown (this would be your long ends of your rectangle if it weren't folded). I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance on each side. Be sure you leave your overlapping flap open.

Turn right side out and shove your pillow form in through the open flap on the back. (Or be like me and shove your dirty old pillow in there with drool stains and all.


I made the blue ones too. : )

Sorry I forgot to straighten this photo. The straightening tool (in LR 3) is seriously my FAVORITE tool ever.

Let me know if you have any questions! Otherwise, go hit up the clearance fabric section and re-cover your pillows! It literally takes 15 minutes. Or less.

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  1. Cute pillows! How do you use the straightening tool in LR3? I just discovered it when cropping the other that the only way?

  2. OMG! And you craft too? I'm so impressed. The pillows look great.

    I wish you were my wife!

  3. Love the result, Rachel. Great tutorial. :)


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